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Welcome to the Mine Ventilation Laboratory


The Ventilation Laboratory is involved in a gallant way in raising the know-how of students through experiments. The lab has a list of eleven experiments.

*   Determination of Psychometric properties of air.

*   Calibration of Inclined tube manometer against the standard Askania Minimeter.

*   Quantity measurement of ventilation air in a simulated mine roadway using Single Point, Continuous and Precise traversing methods.

*   Calibration of Venturimeter with Pitot Static Tube.

*   Determination of mine air Kata Cooling Power and Effective Temperature.

*   Calibration of Orifice Plate.

*   Determination of Coefficient of Friction.

*   Precise traversing with Pitot tube in a circular cross section duct.

*   Determination of shock factors of split and bend.

*   Determination of respiratory dust concentration by MRE 113A.

*   Determination of fan characteristics.