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Experiment number 06

Calibration of Orifice Plate


Objective: Calibration of the orifice plate.


Instruments: (same as experiment number 04)  

Procedure: (same as experiment number 04)


                        The orifice plate consists of a plate with a hole in its center. It is placed in a conduit so that the flow passes only through the hole at its center. Measurement of the pressure drop across the conduit provides a means of determining the flow rate in the conduit. If A1 is the conduit area and A2 be the orifice hole area then

                        Qtheory= A2/{1-(A2/A1)}2 { 2g(h)(gm/g-1)}1/2


            g= acceleration due to gravity

            h= pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet of the orifice

            gm= specific weight of the manometric liquid

            g= rg

            r= Density of the manometric liquid.