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             The curriculum in Mining Engineering is intended to prepare students for the mining industry  and other fields which involve associated technologies and particularly for those  professions which have to do with drilling, blasting, mine planning etc..

   Four-year Specific Degree

             The four-year curriculum in Mining Engineering includes sufficient training in basic engineering  sciences to prepare the graduate for the application of engineering principles to the Mining   industry. Courses in geology give an understanding of the geological structures and conditions  favorable for Mining deposits. To the basic subjects are added courses in Mining engineering   which illustrate the application of the engineering principles to the type of problems and solution  methods used in the Mining industry.


            According to merit in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) conducted every year the students are admitted to the Department, apart from which foriegn Nationals and NRI's can have admissions without JEE provided they  possess good academic record and SAT II  score in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and English.


151001 Chemistry    3-1-0 4
151901 Chemistry Laboratory    0-0-3 2
161901 Engineering Drawing    0-0-3 2
181001 Electrical Circuits    3-0-0 3
181901 Electrical Circuits Lab    0-0-3  2
251001 Mathematics I    3-1-0
261001 Mechanics    3-1-0 4
261901 Workshop Practice I    0-0-3
511003 English for Communication     3-1-0
991901  EAA - I    0-0-3

161002 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
161902 Eng. Drawing and Computer Graphics  0-0-3
171002 Introduction to Computing 3-0-0 
171902 Computing Laboratory 0--0-3
191002 Basic Electronics 3-0-0 
191902 Basic Electronics Laboratory 0-0-3  2
251002 Mathematics II 3-1-0 
261902 Workshop Practice  II 0-0-3 
301002 Physics I 3-1-0 
301902 Physics I Laboratory 0-0-3 
991902 EAA - II 0-0-3

172001 Programming and Data Structure  3-1-0  4
172901 Programming and data Structure Lab  0-0-3  2
222005 Engineering and Economic Geology  3-0-0  3
222903 Eng. and Economic Geology Lab  0-0-3  2
252001 Mathematics III  3-1-0  4
262005 Fluid Mechanics  3-1-0  4
512001 Economics  3-0-0  3
992901 EAA - III  0-0-3  1

282006 Electrical Machines and Applications  3-0-0  3
282906 Electrical Machines and Applications  Lab  0-0-3  2
252014 Probability and Statistics  3-1-0  4
262004 Basic Thermodynamics  3-1-0  4
282002 Principles of Surveying  3-0-0  3
282004 Development of Mineral Deposits  3-1-0  4
282902 Principles of Surveying Lab  0-0-3  3
5120023 Psychology  3-0-0  3
992902 EAA - IV  0-0-3  1

183009 Electrical Equipment for Mines   3-0-0  3
283001 Ventilation and Climate Control  3-1-0  4
283003 Underground Coal Mining  3-0-0  3
283005 Mine Surveying  3-0-0  3
283007 Underground Metal Mining   3-0-0  3
283009 Geomechanics  3-1-0  4
283801 Industrial Training  ------  2
283901 Ventilation & Climate Control Lab  0-0-3  4
283903 Geomechanics Laboratory  0-0-3  2
283905 Mine Surveying Laboratory  0-0-3  2

283002 Surface Mining  3-1-0  4
283004 Mining Machinery  3-1-0  4
283006 Geomechanics Applications  3-1-0  4
283008 Optimization Tech in Mineral Industry  3-1-0  4
283010 Underground Environmental Hazards  3-0-0  3
283802 Field Trips  ------  2
283902 Underground Environmental Hazards Lab  0-0-3  2
283904 Mining Machinery Lab  0-0-3  2
283906 Comprehensive Viva Voce I    2

284001 Materials Handling Systems  3-1-0  4
284003 Computer Applications in Mineral Industry  3-0-0  3
284005 Legislation and Mine Safety  3-0-0  3
284007 Advanced Underground Coal Mining  3-0-0  3
284009 Advanced Underground Metal Mining  3-0-0  3
284011 Advanced Surface Mining  3-0-0  3
284701 Project I  0-0-6  4
284801 Industrial Training  ------  2
284903 Computer Applications Laboratory  0-0-3  2
284705 Seminar   0-0-3  2
  HSS / Management Elective   3-0-0

144024 Mineral Processing   3-0-0  3
144902 Mineral Processing Lab  0-0-3  2
284002 Economics of Mineral Enterprise  3-0-0  3
284004 Environmental Pollution Control  3-0-0  3
284006 Principles of Mine Planning  3-0-0  3
284008 Geostatistics  3-0-0  3
284010 Mine Systems Analysis and Design  3-0-0  3
274016 Non Destructive Testing and QA  3-0-0  3
284012 Reliability and Safety Engineering  3-0-0  3
284014 Photogrammeter and Remote Sensing  3-0-0  3
284702 Project II  0-0-6  4
284802 Field Trip and Survey Camp  ------  2
284902 Environmental Poll Control Lab  0-0-3  2
284906 Comprehensive Viva Voce II  ------  2

282002Principles of Surveying               (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Chain, compass, and plane table surveying. Leveling instruments, ordinary   and   precise  leveling.   Theodolites,   traversing, trilateration,   and  triangulation.   Tacheometry.   Contouring. Electronic  distance measuring instruments, gyrotheodolites,  and other developments in instrumentation and techniques. Errors  and adjustments.

282004Development of Mineral Deposits    (3-1-0) 4  Credits

Introduction  to  mining technology. Rock  drilling,  exploratory diamond  drilling,  and production drilling.  Classification  and properties of explosives, detonators, detonating cords, and nonel detonators. Blasting practices in underground and surface mines. Mine  entries, issues of location, size and  shape.  Conventional and special methods of shaft sinking, shaft lining, deepening and widening of shafts.

282902 Principles of Surveying Lab        (0-0-3)  2 Credits

Practical work based on topics in 282002.

283001Ventilation and Climate Control       (3-1-0) 4 Credits

Thermal  environment  and psychrometry. Heat  stress  estimation. Mine  head load sources and analysis. Geothermal  heat  transfer. Design   of   air  cooling  systems.  Assessment,   control   and physiological  effects  of  mine  dust.  Mechanics  of  air  flow distribution  and control. Natural ventilation. Theory  of  fans, fan types, characteristics, and selection. Fan laws, fan  drives, and   installation.   Ventilation   surveys,   instruments,   and ventilation planning. Auxiliary ventilation. Tunnel  ventilation. Controlled recirculation.

283010    Underground Environmental Hazards    (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Mine  gases  -  properties,  physiological  effects,  occurrence, detection,   and  monitoring.  Degasification  of  coal   seams. Sampling and analysis of mine atmosphere. Mine fires.  Explosions from firedamp and coal dust. Rescue and recovery. Inundation  of mines   and   dewatering.  Mine  illumination.   Noise   control. Occupational health of miners.

283003    Underground Coal Mining               (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Inseam  and  horizon  mining  systems.  Pillar  mining   methods, applications, layout, development, and extraction by conventional and  continuous  mining  methods. Pillar  mining  for  contiguous seams.Longwall  mining  applications,  layout,  development,  and extraction  by partially and fully mechanized methods.  Selection of  methods  of  mining. Hydraulic stowing.  Special  methods  of mining thick and steep seams.

283004    Mining Machinery                     (3-1-0) 4 Credits

Principles  and basic design features of  mechanical,  hydraulic, and  pneumatic power transmission. Cutting and  winning  machines for coal. Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drills, drill  steels and bits. Drilling rigs and jumbos. Mine pumps and water  pumping system.  Wire  ropes.  Safety devices. Cages,  skips,  and  shaft fittings. Mine cars and man riding systems.

283005    Mine Surveying                        (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Correlation  of  underground and surface survey.  Measurement  of depth  of  shafts. Setting out curves, stope  surveying,  openpit surveying, and subsidence surveying. Mine plans, projections, and models.  Special  mine surveys. Elements  of  Photogrammetry  and field astronomy.

283006    Geomechanics Applications             (3-1-0) 4 Credits

Theories  of  rock  fragmentaion -  rock  cutting  and  blasting. Mechanics  of  rock  burst.  Subsidence.  Stability  of   slopes. Instrumentation  and  measurement  of insitu  stresses  and  rock strength.  Photoelasticity  and scale model  studies.  Basics  of numerical methods in geomechanics with applications.

283007   Underground Metal Mining               (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Classification and choice of stoping methods. Vertical,  inclined and lateral development for different stoping methods. Methods of stoping - open, overhand, underhand and breast stoping.  Sublevel stoping.  Shrinkage stoping. Cut and fill methods. Ore  breaking. Handling  of  broken  ore, waste and material  in  stopes.  Stope mechanization. Ore drawing system.

283008  Optimization  Techniques in Mineral  Industry       (3-1-0)  4 Credits

Linear  programming  -  concepts,  graphical  solutions,  simplex method, primal-dual models, sensitivity analysis,  transportation and assignment problems. Network analysis - problems of  shortest path, minimal spanning tree, maximal flow, CPM and PERT.  Dynamic programming  and  stagecoach  problem.  Discrete  and  continuous probability distributions, stochastic process and Markov  chains. Basic  queueing models with constant arrival and  service  rates. Inventory models.

283009    Geomechanics                          (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Physico-mechanical   properties  of  rocks.  Elastic   and   time dependent  behaviour. Rock mass classification. Theories of  rock failure. Stress analysis. Insitu stresses and stress distribution around  mine openings. Ground failure and pressure  on  supports. Stability  of  wide  openings.  Mechanics  of  bumps.  Design  of supports in mine workings.

283002    Surface Mining                        (3-1-0) 4 Credits

Surface  mine layouts. Methods of opening of deposits. Design  of benches.   Methods   and  equipment   for   drilling,   blasting, excavation,   loading,  and  transportation.  Continuous   mining systems.  Stability of slopes. Placer mining ,  ground  sluicing, hydraulic mining, dredging. Dimensional stone mining.

283601    Rockmechanics                        (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Classification  of rocks. Physico-mechanical properties of  rocks and  their testing methods. Elastic and time dependent  behaviour of  rocks.  Theories of rock failure. Stress analysis  in  rocks. Insitu stress measurements. Stresses around underground openings. Design of earth dams and embankments.

283602    Rock excavation                      (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Design  of  excavated slopes - types of failures,  analysis,  and improvement  of stability. Rock drilling - percussive and  rotary drilling.  Drilling  equipment. Rock fragmentation  by  blasting, explosive types and blasting techniques. Earth moving  equipment, including  power  shovels, draglines, front-end  loaders,  bucket wheel excavators. Rail, truck and conveyor transport systems.

283603    Elements of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing     (3-0-0) 3 Credits
Introduction   to  photogrammetry,  basic  mathematics,   optical aspects.  Principles of photography, aerial camera, vertical  and oblique photographs. Stereoscopic viewing, parallax, stereoscopic plotting  instruments.  Radial  line  plotting.  Planning  aerial photographs.  Terrestrial and analytical  photogrammetry.  Remote Sensing, introduction and applications.

283604    Tunnelling                           (3-0-0)  3 Credits

Shape,   size  and  location  of  tunnels;   tunneling   methods; tunneling   operations;   drilling   and   blasting,    loading, transportation,  ventilation,  drainage  and  lining.  Continuous tunneling machines. Tunneling through loose and  unconsolidated and water-bearing formations. Analysis of stresses in and  around

283801    Industrial Training (end of II Yr.)   ------ 2 Credits

Training  in  one  or two select mines  for  eight  weeks  during  summer.

283802    Field Trips  - III Yr. Winter Vacation  ------ 1 Credit

Guided  visit  to coal mines and associated  institutions  for  a period of two weeks.

283901    Ventilation and Climate Control Lab   (0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical work based on topics in 283001.

283902    Underground Environmental Hazards Lab (0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical work based on topics in 283010.

283903    Geomechanics Lab                      (0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical work based on the topics in 283009.

283904    Mining Machinery Lab                  (0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical work based on topics in 283004.

283905    Mine Surveying Lab                   (0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical work based on topics in 283005.

283906    Comprehensive Viva  Voce I            (-----) 2 Credits

Viva based on the coverage upped the end of third year.

284001    Materials Handling Systems            (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Construction   and  design  of  belt,  chain,  and  steel   plate conveyors.   Rope  and  locomotive  haulage.   Scrapers.   Aerial ropeways. Mine hoists - kinematics, dynamics, safety, and control devices.  Trackless vehicles - loaders, shuttle cars,  and  LHDs. Hydraulic transport systems.

284002    Economics of Mining Enterprises       (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Introduction to mineral industry in India. Organization of mining enterprises. Mining finance. Mine productivity. Costing and  cost accounting  in mines. Examination of mineral  properties.  Theory and procedure of sampling. Reserve estimation. Simple  discounted cash flow concept. Mine valuation. Statutory provisions  relating to mineral concession and conservation rules. Royalty. Taxation.

284003     Computer  Applications in Mineral Industry    (3-0-0)  3 Credits

Discrete  event  simulation  and  related  statistical  concepts. Simulation of longwall mining and openpit transportation systems. Reliability  models.  Basics of management  information  systems. Mine  ventilation  network analysis. Truck  dispatching  systems. Ultimate  pit  design  models. Production  scheduling  for  grade control. Overview of blast simulation packages, integrated mining software,  expert systems, geographical information  systems  and GPS with special reference to mineral industry.

284004    Environmental Pollution Control       (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Environment  versus development. Visual impact.  Air  pollution, parameters, dispersion and control. Fugitive dust in surface mining.  Effects of mining and mineral processing on surface  and ground  water  pollution. Blast  vibrations.  Tailings  disposal. Reclamation. Revegetation. Environmental impact assessment.

284005    Legislation and Mine Safety           (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Principal  provisions  of  Mines  Act,  Mines  Rules,  Coal  Mine Regulations,   Metalliferous   Mine   Regulations,   and    their interpretations.   Indian  Electricity  Rules.  Mine   Vocational Training rules. Mine Rescue rules, pit-head Bath rules. Circulars of  DGMS.  Introduction to Mine Safety. Mine  accidents,  reports and records. Accident investigation and analysis.

284006     Principles of Mine Planning          (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Principles  of planning. Features of mine planning.  Short  range and  long range planning. Considerations in the development of  a mining   field.  Optimization  of  mine  entry  location,   level interval,  face length, panel size, etc. Surface  layout  design. Transportation  planning. Preparation of feasibility  reports  and DPR.

284007     Advanced Underground Coal Mining     (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Advanced  treatment of mining methods and face  mechanization  in bord  and  pillars  and longwall mining. Layout  of  faces,  face equipment  including winning, conveying, and  supporting  systems their  selection and organization. Techniques of  mining  steeply inclined and thick seams. Hydraulic mining of coal seams.

284008    Geostatistics                        (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Review of classical statistical concepts. Basics of 3-dimensional mineral inventory development. Regionalised variables.  Variogram modelling.  Regularization, auxiliary functions,  linear  Kriging methodology  and  applications.  Variance  volume   relationship. Geostatistics  for  quality  control.  Basics  of  non-parametric geostatistics,  and  indicator Kriging.  Introduction  to  GEOEAS software.

284009    Advanced Underground Metal Mining     (3-0-0) 3 Credits

High  productivity stoping methods including  blasthole  stoping, VCR,  and  caving  methods. Design and  construction  of  special underground  excavations - shaft pockets, orebins,  ore  transfer points, crusher chamber, ramp, spiral, and decline. Stope fills - preparation,   transportation   and  filling.  Stope   design   - development   and   production  planning.   Methods   of   pillar extraction. Solution mining. Under-sea mining.

284010     Mine System Analysis and Design      (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Introduction  to systems analysis, planning, and decision  making process. Project feasibility study, fact finding techniques, data flow  diagram, decision tree, and decision tables. Systems design.Computer aided systems analysis. File organization,  and database development. Mining systems and subsystems  and  their integration in opencast and underground mining.

284011    Advanced Surface Mining              (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Openpit  planning, optimization of surface geometry  and  output. Advanced  methods  for  flat  and  inclined  deposits.   Advanced treatment  of  earth  and  rock  excavation,  mineral  and  waste handling techniques and equipment. Drilling and blasting designs. Waste  disposal,dumps  and tailings dams. Land  reclamation.  Pit slope design. Continuous surface mining.

284012   Reliability and Safety Engineering   (3-0-0) 3   Credits

Reliability engineering concepts and statistical review.  Network modeling  and evaluation of simple systems. Safety  engineering. Systems analysis of mine safety. Accident database. Risk analysis of mine accidents. Reliability of mine safety systems.

284014    Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing     (3-0-0) 3 Credits

Introduction  to photogrammetry, basic mathematics,  and  optical aspects. Principles of photography, aerial cameras, vertical  and oblique photographs. Stereoscopic viewing, stereoscopic parallax, and radial line plotting. Terrestrial and aerial  photogrammetry. Planning  aerial  photography.  Remote  sensing  fundamentals  and applications.

284801    Industrial Training (end of III Yr.)         2  Credits

Training  in  one  or two selected mines  for  eight  weeks  during summer.

284802    Field Trips and Survey Camp                 2  Credits

Guided  visits  in  selected opencast mines and  two  weeks  mine surveying camp.

284902    Environmental Pollution Control Lab  (0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical work based on the topics  in 284006.

284903    Computer Applications Lab            (0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical work based on the topics  in 284003.

284906    Comprehensive Viva  Voce II                  2 Credits

Viva comprising the four year B.Tech. course work.