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Universities and Societies:

Stanford Center for Reservior Forcasting

Centre de Geostatistique at Ecole de Mine de Paris

The Int. Assoc. for Mathematical Geology (IAMG)

The Computer Oriented Geological Society (COGS)


A WWW site for the Statistical Analysis of Natural Resource Data (SAND) group, including a comprehensive list of geostatistics-related links

The GEOVARIANCES home page, with descriptions of the packages Magama, Isatis, OPMine.

A web page for the Heresim Group, with descriptions of their geostatistical reservoir simulation package.

Online Papers:

The newsletter GEOSTATISTICS at the Colorado School of Mines.

A web page describing the geostatistical techniques used at the Fernald Superfund Site by scientists at Sandia National Lab's NWER group.

An online paper describing SitePlanner and PLUME, a combined GIS-Indicator Geostatistical sampling strategy for environmental site characterization used by Argonne National Lab.

Dave Watson's personal home page, describing his Natural Neighbor spatial interpolation method.

Yvan Pannatier's Geostatistical Software for PC page, including an FTP utilitiy for VarioWin and Geo-EAS.

Phil Ingram's online intro to geostatistics