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Sub No Sub Name L-T-P Credit
151001 Chemistry 3-1-0 4
151901 Chemistry Laboratory 0-0-3 2
161901 Engineering Drawing 1-0-3* 2
181001 Electrical Circuits 3-0-0 3
181901 Elctrical Circuits Lab 0-0-3 2
251001 Mathematics I 3-1-0 4
261001 Mechanics 3-1-0 4
261901 Workshop Practice I 0-0-3 2
511003 English for Communication 3-1-0 4
991901 EAA - I 0-0-3 1
  TOTAL 16-4-15 28
  * Additional one hour non-credit lecture


Sub No Sub Name L-T-P Credits
161002 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies 3-1-0 4
161902 Engg Drawing and Computer Graphics 1-0-3* 2
171002  Introduction to Computing 3-0-0 3
171902 Computing Laboratory  0-0-3 3
191002 Basic Electronics 3-0-0 2
191902 Basic Electronics Laboratory 0-0-3 3
251002 Mathematics II 3-1-0 4
261902 Workshop Practice II 0-0-3 2
301002 Physics I 3-1-0 4
301902 Phisics I Laboratory 0-0-3 2
991902 EAA - II 0-0-3 1
  TOTAL 16-3-18 29
* Additional one hour non-credit lecture


Sub No  Sub Name L-T-P  Credits
172001 Programming and Data Structure 3-1-0 4
172901 Programming & Data Structure Lab 0-0-3 2
222005 Engineering and Economic Geology 3-1-0 4
222903 Engg and Economic Geology Lab 0-0-3 2
252001 Mathematics III 3-1-0 4
262005 Fluid Mechanics 3-1-0 4
512001 Economics 3-0-0 3
992901 EAA - III 0-0-3 1
  TOTAL 15-4-9 24
Sub No  Sub Name L-T-P  Credits
282006 Electrical Machines and Appl. 3-0-0 3
282906 Electrical Machines and Appl Lab 0-0-3 2
252014 Probability & Statistics 3-1-0 4
262004 Basic Thermodynamics 3-1-0 4
282002 Principles of Surveying 3-0-0 3
282004 Development of Mineral Deposits 3-1-0  4
282902 Principles of Surveying Lab 0-0-3 2
512002 Psychology 3-0-0 3
992902 EAA - IV 0-0-3 1
  TOTAL 18-3-9 26
Sub No  Sub Name L-T-P  Credits
183009 Electrical Equipment for Mines 3-0-0 3
283001 Venetilation and Climate Control 3-1-0 4
283003 Underground Coal Mining 3-0-0 3
283005 Mine Surveying 3-0-0 3
283007 Underground Metal Mining 3-0-0 3
283009 Geomechanics 3-0-0 3
283801 Industrial Training 0-0-0 2
283901 Ventilation & Climate Control Lab 0-0-3 2
283903 Geomechanics Laboratory 0-0-3 2
283905 Mine Surveying Laboratory 0-0-3 2
    18-1-9 27
Sub No  Sub Name L-T-P  Credits
283002 Surface Mining 3-1-0 4
283004 Mining Machinery 3-1-0 4
283006 Geomechanics Applications 3-1-0 4
283008 Optimization Tech in Min Ind 3-1-0 4
283010 Underground Environmental Hazards 3-0-0 3
283802 Field Trips 0-0-0 1
283902 Underground Environ Hazards Lab 0-0-3 2
283904 Mining Machinery Lab 0-0-3 2
283906 Comprehensive Viva Voce I 0-0-0 2
    15-4-6 26
Sub No  Sub Name L-T-P  Credits
284001 Materials Handling Systems 3-0-0 3
284003 Computer Applications in Min Ind 3-0-0 3
284005 Legislation and Mine Safety  3-0-0 3
286023 Environmental Control in Mines 3-0-0 3
  Elective I 3-0-0 3
284701 Project I 0-0-6 4
284801 Industrial Training 0-0-0 2
284903 Comp Applications Laboratory 0-0-3 2
284705 Seminar 0-0-3 2
    15-0/1-12 25


Sub No  Sub Name L-T-P  Credits
144024 Mineral Processing 3-0-0 3
144902 Mineral Processing Lab 0-0-3 2
284002 Economics of Mining Enterprises 3-0-0 3
  Elective II 3-0/1-0 3/4
  Elective III 3-0-0 3
  Elective IV 3-0-0 3
284702 Project II 0-0-6 4
284802 Field Trip and Survey Camp 0-0-0 2
284906 Comprehensive Viva Voce II 0-0-0 2
  TOTAL 15-0/1-9 25/26


Sub No  Sub Name L-T-P  Credits
HSS/Management Elective 3-0-0 3
  Elective V 3-0/1-0 3/4
  Elective VI 3-0/1-0 3/4
286017 Mine Environmental Control Lab 0-0-3 2
286910 Numerical Modelling Laboratory 0-0-3 2
286012 Seminar 0-0-3 2
287001 Project   10 (7+3)*
    9-0/1- 25/28
* Three credits during summer after 8th semester


Sub No  Sub Name L-T-P  Credits
  Elevtive VII 3-0/1-0 3/4
  Elective VIII ( Self study )   4
  Seminar 0-0-3 2
  Comprehensive Viva-voce 0-0-0 3
  Project and Project Viva-voce   15 (12+3)
    3-0/1-3 27/28


Sub No  Sub Name L-T-P  Credits
284007 Advanced Underground Coal Mining 3-0-0 3
284009 Advanced Underground Metal Mining 3-0-0 3
284011 Advanced Surface Mining 3-0-0 3
254009 Systems Programming 3-0-0 3


Sub No  Sub Name L-T-P  Credits
186093 Instrumentation and Control* 3-1-0 4
286003 Applied Geostatistics 3-1-0 4
286019 Reliability of Mining Systems 3-0-0 3
286015 Mine Planning 3-0-0 3
256052 Computer Software 3-0-0 3
256009 Advanced Techniques in O R 3-0-0 3
256017 Object Oriented Programming 3-0-0 3
256001 Programming Languages : Theory & Practi  3-0-0 3
526021 Production Planning and Inventory Control 3-1-0 4
165303 Waste Water Management 3-1-0 4
165305 Solid Waste Management 3-1-0 4
165405 Theoretical Geomechanics 3-1-0 4

Core subject for M Tech ( Mining Engineering )


Sub No  Sub Name L-T-P  Credits
287006 Advanced Mine Ventilation 3-1-0 4
287004 Mineral Economics 3-0-0 3
286030 Safety Engineering 3-0-0 3
286032 Mechanics of Rock Fragmentation 3-0-0 3
286034 Ground Control 3-0-0 3
286036 Mine Reclamation 3-0-0 3
286038 Geodesy and Photogrammetry 3-0-0 3
256012 Artificial Intelligence 3-0-0 3
266038 Finite Element Methods in Engineering 3-1-0 4
226002 Remote Sensing 3-1-0 4
226010 Remote Sensing Laboratory 0-0-3 2
526012 Systems Analysis Techniques 3-1-0 4
527004 TQM & ISO-9000 3-0-0 3
165302 Air Quality Management 3-1-0 4
165404 Dynamics of Soils and Foundation 3-0-0 3


282002Principles of Surveying(3-0-0) 3 Credits 

Chain, compass, and plane table surveying. Levelling instruments, ordinaryandpreciselevelling.Theodolites,traversing, trilateration,andtriangulation.Tacheometry.Contouring. 

Electronicdistance measuring instruments, gyrotheodolites,and other developments in instrumentation and techniques. Errorsand adjustments. 

282004Development of Mineral Deposits       (3-1-0) 4Credits

Introductiontomining technology. Rockdrilling,exploratory diamonddrilling,and production drilling.Classificationand properties of explosives, detonators, detonating cords, and nonel

detonators. Blasting practices in underground and surface mines. Mineentries, issues of location, size andshape.Conventional and special methods of shaft sinking, shaft lining, deepening and 

widening of shafts.

282902Principles of Surveying Lab(0-0-3)2 Credits

Practical work based on topics in 282002.

283001Ventilation and Climate Control(3-1-0) 4 Credits

Thermalenvironmentand psychrometry. Heatstressestimation. Minehead load sources and analysis. Geothermalheattransfer. Designofaircoolingsystems.Assessment, control and 

physiologicaleffectsofminedust.Mechanicsofairflow distributionand control. Natural ventilation. Theoryoffans, fan types, characteristics, and selection. Fan laws, fandrives, 

andinstallation.Ventilationsurveys,instruments,and ventilation planning. Auxiliary ventilation. Tunnelventilation. Controlled recirculation. 

283002Surface Mining(3-1-0) 4 Credits

Surfacemine layouts. Methods of opening of deposits. Designof benches.Methodsandequipmentfordrilling,blasting, excavation,loading,andtransportation.Continuousmining systems.Stability of slopes. Placer mining ,groundsluicing, hydraulic mining, dredging. Dimensional stone mining.

283003Underground Coal Mining(3-0-0) 3 Credits 

Inseamandhorizonminingsystems.Pillarminingmethods, applications, layout, development, and extraction by conventional andcontinuousminingmethods. Pillarminingforcontiguous seams. Longwallminingapplications,layout,development,and extractionby partially and fully mechanised methods.Selection ofmethodsofmining. Hydraulic stowing.Specialmethodsof mining thick and steep seams.

283004Mining Machinery(3-1-0) 4 Credits

Principlesand basic design features ofmechanical,hydraulic, andpneumatic power transmission. Cutting andwinningmachines for coal. Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drills, drillsteels and bits. Drilling rigs and jumbos. Mine pumps and waterpumping system.Wireropes.Safety devices. Cages,skips, andshaft fittings. Mine cars and man riding systems. 

283005Mine Surveying(3-0-0) 3 Credits 

Correlationofunderground and surface survey.Measurementof depthofshafts. Setting out curves, stopesurveying, openpit surveying, and subsidence surveying. Mine plans, projections, and models.Specialmine surveys. ElementsofPhotogrammetryand field astronomy. 

283006Geomechanics Applications(3-1-0) 4 Credits

Theoriesofrockfragmentaion -rockcuttingandblasting. Mechanicsofrockburst.Subsidence.Stabilityofslopes. Instrumentationandmeasurementof insitustressesandrock 

strength.Photoelasticityand scale modelstudies.Basicsof numerical methods in geomechanics with applications.

283007Underground Metal Mining(3-0-0) 3 Credits 

Classification and choice of stoping methods. Vertical,inclined and lateral development for different stoping methods. Methods ofstoping - open, overhand, underhand and breast stoping.Sublevel stoping.Shrinkage stoping. Cut and fill methods. Orebreaking. Handlingofbrokenore, waste and materialinstopes.Stope mechanisation. Ore drawing system.

283008OptimisationTechniques in MineralIndustry(3-1-0)4 Credits

Linearprogramming-concepts,graphicalsolutions,simplex method, primal-dual models, sensitivity analysis,transportation and assignment problems. Network analysis - problems ofshortest path, minimal spanning tree, maximal flow, CPM and PERT.Dynamic programmingandstagecoachproblem.Discreteandcontinuous probability distributions, stochastic process andMarkovchains. Basicqueueing models with constant arrival andservicerates. Inventory models.

283009Geomechanics(3-0-0) 3 Credits 

Physico-mechanicalpropertiesofrocks.Elasticandtime dependentbehaviour. Rock mass classification. Theories ofrock failure. Stress analysis. Insitu stresses and stress distribution 

aroundmine openings. Ground failure and pressureonsupports. Stabilityofwideopenings.Mechanicsofbumps.Designof supports in mine workings. 

283010Underground Environmental Hazards(3-0-0) 3 Credits

Minegases-properties,physiologicaleffects,occurrence, detection,andmonitoring.Degassificationofcoalseams. Sampling and analysis of mine atmosphere. Mine fires.Explosions from firedamp and coal dust. Rescue and recovery. Inundationof 

minesanddewatering.Mineillumination.Noisecontrol. Occupational health of miners. 

283801Industrial Training (end of II Yr.)(0-0-0) 2 Credits

Traininginoneor two select minesforeightweeksduring summer.

283802Field Trips- III Yr Winter Vacation(0-0-0) 1 Credit

Guidedvisitto coal mines and associatedinstitutionsfora period of two weeks.

283901Ventilation and Climate Control Lab(0-0-3) 2 Credits 

Practical work based on topics in 283001.

283902Underground Environmental Hazards Lab (0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical wotk based on topics in 283010.

283903Geomechanics Lab(0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical work based on the topics in 283009.

283904Mining Machinery Lab(0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical work based on topics in 283004.

283905Mine Surveying Lab(0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical work based on topics in 283005.

283906Comprehensive Viva -voce I(0-0-0) 2 Credits

Viva based on the coverage up to the end of third year.

284001Materials Handling Systems(3-0-0) 3 Credits

Constructionanddesignofbelt,chain,andsteelplate conveyors.Ropeandlocomotivehaulage.Scrapers.Aerial ropeways. Mine hoists - kinematics, dynamics, safety, and control 

devices.Trackless vehicles - loaders, shuttle cars,andLHDs. Hydraulic transport systems.

284002Economics of Mining Enterprises(3-0-0) 3 Credits

Introduction to mineral industry in India. Organisation of mining enterprises. Mining finance. Mine productivity. Costing andcost accountingin mines. Examination of mineralproperties.Theory 

and procedure of sampling. Reserve estimation. Simplediscounted cash flow concept. Mine valuation. Statutory provisionsrelating to mineral concession and conservation rules. Royalty. Taxation. 

284003ComputerApplications in Mineral Industry(3-0-0)3 Credits

Discreteeventsimulationandrelatedstatisticalconcepts. Simulation of longwall mining and openpit transportation systems. Reliabilitymodels.Basics of managementinformationsystems.

Mineventilationnetwork analysis. Truckdispatchingsystems. Ultimatepitdesignmodels. Productionschedulingforgrade control. Overview of blast simulation packages, integrated mining software,expert systems, geographical informationsystemsand GPS with special reference to mineral industry. 

284005Legislation and Mine Safety     (3-0-0) 3 Credits

PrincipalprovisionsofMinesAct,MinesRules,CoalMine Regulations,MetalliferousMineRegulations,andtheir interpretations.IndianElectricityRules.MineVocational 

Training rules. Mine Rescue rules, pit-head Bath rules. Circulars ofDGMS.Introduction to Mine Safety. Mineaccidents,reports and records. Accident investigation and analysis.

284801Industrial Training (end of III Yr)(0-0-0) 2Credits

Traininginoneor two select minesforeightweeksduring summer.

284802Field Trips and Survey Camp(0-0-0) 2Credits

Guidedvisittoselect opencast mines andtwoweeksmine surveying camp.

284903Computer Applications Lab(0-0-3) 2 Credits

Practical work based on the topicsin 284003.

284906Comprehensive VivaVoce II(0-0-0) 2 Credits

Viva comprising the four year BTech course work.

286023Environmental Control in Mines(3-0-0) 3 Credits

Surface mining vs. ecological balance. Air pollution from surface mining and processing-monitoring, control and standards. Air pollution dispersion models. Water pollution types, control and monitoring, ground water contamination. Noise and ground vibrations. Tailings dams design. Reclamation, Revegetation Environmental legislation, Environmental management plan, and Economics of mining environment control.

186093Instrumentation and Control(3-1-0) 4 Credits

Automatic Control; Concept of static & dynamic characteristics; transfer function. Controllers ; On-off, PID, Cascade, Automatic control of mining and mineral processing machinery. Instrumentation; Functions of instrumentation. Characteristics of instruments. Sensors for measurement of displacement; vibration. Sensors for measurement process variables, viz. density; moisture; PH; flow; temperature; level; pressure, gas analyzers. Signal Processing, Telemetry. Display of data Intrinsically Safe DAS Introduction to computer & microprocessor control of mines, mineral processing systems.

286017Mine Environmental Control lab    (0-0-3) 2 credits

Experiments to estimate water pollution parameters. Soil characterization, noise and vibration measurements. High volume sampling and air quality analysis.

284007Advanced Underground Coal Mining(3-0-0) 3 Credits

Advancedtreatment of mining methods and facemechanisationin bordandpillarsand longwall mining. Layoutoffaces,face equipmentincluding winning, conveying, andsupportingsystems theirselection and organisation. Techniques ofminingsteeply inclined and thick seams. Hydraulic mining of coal seams.

284009Advanced Underground Metal Mining(3-0-0) 3 Credits

Highproductivity stoping methods includingblastholestoping, VCR,andcavingmethods. Design andconsturctionofspecial undergroundexcavations - shaft pockets, orebins,oretransfer points, crusher chamber, ramp, spiral, and decline. Stope fills - preparation,transportationandfilling.Stopedesign- developmentandproductionplanning.Methodsofpillar 

extraction. Solution mining. Under-sea mining. 

284011Advanced Surface Mining(3-0-0) 3 Credits

Openpitplanning, optimisation of surface geometryandoutput. Advancedmethodsforflatandinclineddeposits.Advancedtreatmentofearthandrockexcavation,mineralandwaste 

handling techniques and equipment. Drilling and blasting designs. Wastedisposal,dumpsand tailings dams. Landreclamation.Pit slope design. Continuous surface mining. 

286004Mineral Economics(3-0-0) 3Credits

Role of minerals in national economy. Mineral resources availability Indian and global perspective. Theory of depletion case for minerals. National and international trade in mineral commodities. Stockpiling conservation. Cartel price. Investments in mineral resources sector Opportunities and risk. Mineral taxation. Mineral market structure.

287006Advanced Mine Ventilation(3-1-0) 3 Credits

Advanced treatment of aerodynamics. Psychrometry. Estimation of mine heat load and cooling loads. Climate prediction models. Design of air cooling systems and direct contact heat exchangers. Mine ventilation network analysis graph theory fundamentals. Hardycross and linear theory models. Controlled flow. Ventilation thermodynamics. Tracer gas techniques. Controlled recirculation. Methane control. Ventilation planning with diesel and Raton.

286033Applied Geostatistics(3-1-0) 4 Credits

Geostatistical concept, probability and statistics, Mineral inventory, Extension methods and application of classical statistics, Regularisation, Auxilliary functions, Liner Kriging methodology, Mining applications, Geostatistics for quality control, Basis of non-parametric geostatistics and indicator Kriging, GEOEAS Software.

286015Mine Planning(3-1-0)4 Credits

Principles of planning, General principles of mine planning and design. Planning and design of mine reconstruction, and modernization of technological processes, planning and design of new mines, Optimization of mine parameters. Economic problems in mining investment. Detailed planning and design of unit operations, Planning and scheduling of mining operations.

286019Reliability of Mining Systems(3-1-0) 4Credits

Introduction to reliability concept, Basic probability theory, Application of reliability in mining systems, Probability distributions in reliability evaluations reliability functions. The Poisson distribution, Weibull distribution, Series systems, Parallel systems, Partially redundant systems, Reliability allocation, Markov modeling, Application of F.T.A. and FMECA in mining systems, Maintenance and maintainability definitions, Concepts and application, Maintainability Prediction.

286030Safety Engineering(3-0-0) 3 Credits

Safety concepts, Mine safety systems, Techniques and procedures used in safety analysis, Risk concepts, Fault tree and Event tree analysis, Database in mine safety, classification of mining accidents, Accident prevention, Loss control, Computer applications in systems safety.

286032Mechanics of Rock Fragmentation(3-0-0)3 Credits

General theories of rock cutting. Design of cutting tools for optimum penetration and wear characteristics. Mechanics of Rotary and percussive drilling, Mechanics of coal cutting tools. Drillability and machinability characteristics of rocks. Advances in rock cutting techniques. Mechanics of rock breakage in blasting. Design of blasting. Ground vibration due to blasting.

286034Ground Control(3-0-0) 3Credits

Terzaghi rock load classification. Rock structure rating. Rock mass rating. Q-system etc. Ground failure and pressure on supports. Mechanics of various support systems : Yielding mechanical supports, Power supports, shield supports, Arch supports, concrete lining, Stowing/Back filling for strata control, Rock bolting, and cable bolting. Design of shaft support system.

286036Mine Reclamation(3-0-0) 3 Credits

Economic and technical aspects of Reclamation. Reclamation methods back filling, outside dumps and their stability. Top soil handling. Assessment of soil productivity potential, Revegitation. Reclamation plan and land use plan. General requirement of protection of hydrologic balance.

286038Geodesy and Photogrammetry(3-0-0) 3 Credits

Physical and Geometrical Geodesy, Geodetic reference systems, Geophysics, Geodetic instrumentation and techniques. Theory and practical aspects of photogrammetry, Satellite imagery and their use in Cartography, Principle and design of plotting machines.