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?Studies on the explosibility of some Indian coal dusts?

                      Scholar: Tara Shankar Bajpayee

                   Guide: Prof. M.A.Ramlu

                   January 1970

Model Studies on the resistance of rectangular airways supported with timber sets

Scholar : Golak Bihari Mishra
Year : 1972
?An approach to optimal planning and scheduling   of  Equipment
                maintenance in opencast  mines (with Case study from mechanized mines in India)?
Scholar: S. Janakiram

Guide: Prof. M.A. Ramlu

May 1975

"Drillability of some Indian rocks with regard to Percussive drilling?
Scholar: Anand Govind Painthankar

Guide: Dr.G.B.Misra

April 1978

"Model Studies on the influence of certain blasting partameters on rock fragmentation."
Scholar : Tapan Kumar Chattopadhyay
Year : 1980
?Coal mine systems availability and reliability-A design and performanceassessment based on Failure."
Scholar: Jayanta Bhattacharya

Guide: Dr.A.S.R.Murty & Prof.S.C.Ray

June 1981

?Laboratory studies on ploughability of some Indian coal seams.?
Scholar: Hari Ram Patel

Guide: Prof. M.A. Ramlu

November 1981

?Influence of slope parameters on the location of the critical toe circle?
Scholar: Braja Bandhu Rath
Guide: Dr. B.Misra
December 1981

?An influence into the design of Post-Pillars in Cut and Fill method of

Scholar: S.B.Srivastava


June 1983

?Studies on spontaneous combustion of some coals from Jharia Coalfields."
Scholar: S. Mohan

Guide: Prof. M.A. Ramlu & Prof. R. Mahadevan

"Mineral Resources Appraisal of India on the basis of unit regional value and related concepts."
Scholar : Manthena Veerabhadra Raju
Year : 1992
"Influence of rock properties and mining factors on ground subsidence.?
Scholar: Lokanandi Ajay Kumar

Guide: Dr. R. Krishna

August 1992

?Investigations on spontaneous heating of some Indian coals "
Scholar: Sadanand Dattatraya Barve

Guide:Prof.V. Mahadevan

September 1993
?Experimental and theoretical investigations of drilling of rocks by impregnated diamond  core bits"
Scholar: Karanam Umamaheshwar Rao

Guide: Dr. B. Misra

September 1993

?Experimental and theoretical investigations of heat flow from surroundingrock into mine Roadways.?
Scholar: Kollu Sreenivas Rao

Guide: Dr.B.S.Sastry & Prof.B.Misra

August 1994

?Studies of spontaneous heating of some Indian coals from Chirimiri andTalcher Coalfields.?
Scholar: Bhatu Kumar Pal.

Guide: Prof. V. Mahadevan

January 1995

?Influence of the geo-engineering parameters on the stability of dumps.?
Scholar: Indrajit Roy

Guide: Dr. B. Misra

December 1998

"An Ivestigation of multivariate statistical Models to Evaluate Mine Safety Performence."
Scholar : Jhareswar Maiti
Guide : Dr. A. Bhattacherjee
September 1999