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       The millennium's  technology of extraction and processing of mineral resources is influenced by globajisation of markets, heightened concern for environmental protection, problems of leaner and deeper deposits, computerisation and mechanisation of activities, and energy efficient and green processing technologies.The challenge to mining operations worldwide is not only from the market forces as it appears, but also from the various environmental lobbies. Among the enterprises the playing field-so to say - is almost level.  The constraints are identical, policies are uniform, and markets are common.No mineral producing country can wish away the technological dependence on other countries.

This poke marks on the face of the earth created by centuries old negligent mining and processing industries in almost all parts of the world have left disturbing images in the minds of the people at large.  It is imperative at this point of time that the damage is understood and contained, and the qualitative growth of the minerals industry is addressed.

The key factor in order to survive and progress into the next century in the mineral sector turns out to be the 'technological management'.  The issues of technology impact analysis, techno-economic feasibility, forecasting, reengineering, organisational redesign, absorption of innovative technologies, are going to dictate viability of the organisations.

This conference organised by the Department of Mining Engineering to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, aims to bring into focus the role technology management will have to play to overcome the challenges facing the industry.
Themes of the Conference

The conference will bring into perspective the management of:

1.   Exploration Technology : tools, investment, acquisition and economics.

2.   Mining Technology : human resources, trends in development of mining, machinery,
                         fragmentation,   assessment and forecasting.

3.   Processing Technology : conventional and bio-processing trends. management of fines, bi-product
                             recovery, waste utilisation, new developments.

4.   Information Technology : management of projects, production, quality, human
                              resources and  business.

5.   Reliability and Maintenance : new equipment, performence assesment, safety, technology trends.

6.   Environmental Technology : mining and processing, closure, remediation and reuse of land and water.
Conference Plan

    Presentations will be made through key-note sessions and technical paper sessions.  In addition round-tables and recommendation sessions will be arranged to provide a consolidated outcome of the deliberations.  Parallel track sessions will be conducted to encourage wide participation, and to justify the sub-themes identified
Calls for Papers

    The papers are invited from the professionals, academics, researchers, consultants and technology managers associated with the various interests of  the mineral sector.

Closing Dates

Submission of extended abstracts :    15 January 2000
(in not less than 150 words)
Confirmation of the selection of abstracts :15 April 2000

Final submission :    30 August 2000
(A4 size camera ready format,
31/2" floppy , in MS Word)

All delegates need to be registered . The registration fees are as below:

Participants  from India - Rs 4000 per person.

Participants from abroad - US $ 400 per person .

Registration fee covers copy of the proceedings, lunches and dinners.

Full sponsors : Indian - Rs 40000 and Foreign- US $ 2000
(Full sponsors can send 4 delegates free of registration fee)

Co-sponsors : lndian- Rs 20000 and Foreign-US $ 1000
(Co-sponsors can send 2 delegates free of registration fee )

A limited Advertisement space available in the proceedings volume.

Rates : Full Page             :    Rs 2000/-
Back inner page               :    Rs 3000/-
Back outer page               :    Rs 4000/-

Indian Institute of Technology
   Kharagpur-721302.  India

    December is one of the pleasant months in India, and more so at Kharagpur.  The daytime temperature during this time of the year hovers around 15-20 Deg C.  The night temperature is between 8-14 Deg C.   The weather is usually sunny and dry.

    Kharagpur is a medium sized town with basic amenities.  The campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur has a number of accommodation facilities that can be booked through the conference secretariat.  Outside the campus, hotels exist which can also be booked in advance.
For details contact

    Professor B. S. Sastry, Organising Chairman

    Professor S. C Ray, Convenor
    Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, Co-convenor

    Department of Mining Engineering
      Indian Institute of Technology
          Kharagpur-721302 India.

    Phone: +91 (03222) 82282, 8370,9, 83718,83720
    Fax : +91(03222)82700

      Email :
  National Organising Committee

Prof. Amitava Ghosh                                      Director                                 I. I. T Kharagpur

Prof. M. Mukhopadhyay                                Dean (F&P)                           I. I. T Kharagpur

Mr. N. K. Chaudhury                                     Managing Director                 INDAL

Mr. A. N. Bose                                              Controller General                 IBM

Dr. A. K. Dube                                               Director                                 CMRI

Dr. R. N. Singh                                              Director                                  NEERI

Dr. T. K. Mukharjee                                     C. M. D                                  IRE

Mr. N.  K. Sharma                                        Director Technical                C. I. L

Mr. S. K. Sen                                                C. M. D                                 N. C. L

Dr. Kalyan Singh                                           Director                                 CFRI

Mr. Ashok Agrawal                                       E. D                                      H. C. L

Mr. R. C. Bharadwaj                                     G. M .                                   W. C. L

Mr. S. K. Agrawal                                         Director (Prod.)                    N. M. D. C

Mr. R. V. Kulkarni                                        Supdt.(Projects)                   ZCCM Zambia

Prof. S. Harpalani                                          University of Arizona            USA

Prof. S. Bandopadhyay                                  University of Alaska,            USA

Mr. R. C. Goyal                                             C. M. D.                              CMPDIL

Mr. G. Jha                                                     C. M. D.                              CCL

Prof. B. S. Sastry                                           Organising Chairman

Prof. S. C. Ray                                               Convenor

Prof. J. Bhattacharya                                    Co - Convenor

Prof. S. D. Barve                                            Member

Prof. S. K. Mukhopadhyay                            Member

Prof. R. N. Modak                                         Member

Prof. A. Bhattacharjee                                   Member

Prof. S. K. Das                                                Member

Prof. S. K. Pal                                                  Member

Prof. K. U. M. Rao                                          Member

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